As Miami Beach Commissioner, Micky Steinberg is proud to have seen success on a wide variety of initiatives, some of which included:

  • Improved the School Nurse Initiative Program by helping it become fully funded and expanded it to include mental and behavioral Health Services to all the schools in the Miami Beach feeder pattern.
  • Spearheaded the modification of the operating schedule of the 63rd Street Draw Bridge and obtained United States Coast Guard approval in preventing the Bridge from opening during peak hours.
  • Created the local traffic alert text program to keep drivers safe in our community and to reach residents in a timely manner when critical information needs to be shared.
  • Expanded green spaces and enhanced parks and after school programs, including the complete renovation of existing parks.
  • Championed legislation that requires new construction to be LEED GOLD certified to ensure environmental sustainability and a better building stock. This ordinance won the City the 2016 APA Florida Award of Excellence in the Best Practices Category and points which helped the City receive LEED for Cities Gold certification last year.
  • Brought electric charging stations to Miami Beach lots and required that all new public and private parking garages be pre-wired for EV charging infrastructure to make a future conversion to electric vehicles more economical.
  • Sponsored legislation to protect our water quality and the health of the bay to ensure our waterways remain clean and safe for generations to come.
  • Supported an anti-bullying partnership, sponsored a resolution protecting LGBTQ youth, and created the City of Kindness to foster a culture of caring and generosity.
  • Strengthened Miami Beach’s relationship with Israel by opposing BDS, antisemitism and supported the city’s investments in Israel Bonds.
  • Fought against illegal short-term rentals to reduce the “party atmosphere” in many family-oriented neighborhoods.
  • Sponsored legislation to give residents a first shot at jobs on all large city projects, ensuring that small businesses have a fair chance to succeed.
  • Created the first sidewalk Cafe ordinance to improve the livability and standards of our businesses.
  • Created a pilot to incentivize first responders with the ability to live in the city they serve.
  • Created the Miami Beach Hall of Fame to honor individuals who have made exceptional contributions in our community.
  • Spearheaded ordinance amendments to help incentivize the comprehensive repair and rehabilitation of existing, nonconforming residential buildings to raise safety standards.
  • Implemented Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ healthy snack standards in all citywide vending machines.
  • Strengthened Miami Beach’s finance laws and fought pay to play politics.
  • Sponsored an ordinance to ensure better transparency- requiring all items that appear in front of the City Commission be made available to the public in a timely manner with as much information as possible.